Family affected by RYR-1 makes $1 million pledge of matching gift


The Schooner Foundation, which has family members affected by RYR-1, just made a $1,000,000 matching gift pledge to the RYR-1 Foundation! For every dollar raised for scientific research for RYR-1 muscle disease, this family foundation will match it dollar for dollar - up to $1 million!! This means that any donation you make will be worth twice as much.


This is an incredible opportunity for friends of the RYR-1 Foundation to maximize our Strength in Numbers and double every dollar we receive!


In addition, this family’s pledge was made because they want to encourage everyone in the RYR-1 community with CCD, CNM, MMC, etc to each give something - it is the participation that matters - not the amount. So please give!


A demonstrated commitment from all of us will encourage the Schooner Foundation and others to give more because they will see that we are all participating in the responsibility to fund RYR-1 research! 


So, let’s raise $1 million and invest $2 million into improving the health and future of individuals and families affected by RYR-1 myopathy. Every dollar you give as part of this challenge grant will be used solely for research.


The RYR-1 Foundation is indebted to the Schooner Foundation and its trustees for their continued generosity and support.