Individual Investigator Research Grant Awards
Targeted Request for Grant Application

Deadline: October 31, 2019

The RYR-1 Foundation expects to fund a limited number of Individual Investigator Research Grants, to be awarded in the 1st Quarter of 2020. Preference will be given to grant applications that address the “Research Priority Areas,” as detailed below.

Inquiries/Application should be emailed to: Nicole Wallace, Program Director, at

Summary of Application Format:

1. Title of the RYR-1-Related Diseases Project (Face Page).
2. Personnel.
3. Abstract (limit: 1⁄2 single-spaced page).
4. Identify the Specific RYR-1 “Research Priority Area(s)” (please click
HERE for detailed instructions).
5. Explain the Impact on RYR-1-Related Diseases: State why this research is important; and how it will make a significant difference in achieving the Foundation’s mission of finding a cure/effective treatment(s) for RYR-1-related diseases (limit: 1 single-spaced page).
6. Specific Aims and Rationale
(limit: 1 single-spaced page).

7. Preliminary/Supporting Data (limit: 1 single-spaced page).
8. Detailed Project Description: (up to 4 single-spaced pages, but may be less). Key milestones and timelines for the proposed research must be included in this section. A chronologic Gantt Chart to illustrate these events must be included. Bibliography should not exceed 10 items.
9. Budget and Budget Justification: Please use an NIH-style spreadsheet.
10. Institutional Signatures and Related Considerations.


Please click HERE for a description of murine models of RYR-1-Related Diseases


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